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Fuse Box

Currently in development are those for the 328, 512TR, 348 and 355.

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These kits were designed to take into account all failures on all models and repair them all in each kit offered. Many issues have been identified over the years that few know about yet. Our kits are designed to deal with all of the short comings known to date. (Patent Pending)

We have found it best to have the owners box sent into us so we can do the install in house and bench test all systems dealt with to assure a quality product is returned. We keep all of the components pre-made on the shelf to assure a rapid turn around time, often the same day or next day in many cases.

In the rare case where we are unable to correct all the problems found we obtain one of the ‘Rebuilt’ fuse boxes offered now (upon authorization of the owner) and install our modification on that box to prevent future problems and deal with those outside of the fuse box itself.

All components we use in our kit are of the finest quality available and designed with a wide safety margin to assure many years of trouble free service.

We have gone to great lengths to make this kit the least visually invasive as possible and include a self adhesive sticker to add to the fuse box cover to identify change’s made and new fuse locations.


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