SRI SkunkWorks

Wikipedia reference:

“The designation “skunkworks”, is used in engineering, and technical fields to describe a group within an organization, given a high degree of autonomy and unhampered by bureaucracy, tasked with working on advanced or secret projects.”


The near mythical location where the legendary Kelly Johnson of Lockheed Martin’s “Advanced Development Programs”, led a “team” that worked their magic on our Country’s classified military defense designs.  As a result of those efforts, the U-2 Dragon Lady, SR-71 Blackbird, F-22 Raptor and other designs that will only be whispered about  for decades to come, became names that were synonymous with the top-secret products of Lockheed Martin’s (LM)Skunk Works.

In memory of my dad, William D Helms, himself a member of the LM SkunkWorks team with his systems-design work on the SR-71 Blackbird back in the 60’s, followed by the whole series of Apollo programs with NASA and finally every product to date from SRI, With respect and deference to dad., the SRI product design area, aka “SkunkWorks” was formed…. a place that Dad enjoyed immensely!

Of note: As we are unhampered by the now common place, Corporate viewpoint of “Consumer Acceptable or Planned Obsolescence” modalities… We place our products in the marketplace, after an exorbitant amount of time in the SRI SkunkWorks area is spent ….the place where long lasting SOLUTIONS  to Ferrari’s anomalies, are designed and tested to non-standard & exacting specifications.


We are always on the lookout for ways to improve your Ferrari’s performance. Here are a few videos we have produced detailing our process:

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