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The list is long and evolving as solutions are developed, tested and brought to market and new projects taken on. At present some of the products in development include: In-tank and fuel fill neck rubber components; Molded Coolant hoses for all models; Insulated oil cap cover; 246 Dino clutch shafts; 250/275 Transaxle idler hubs; Updated modifications for the engine management systems; F355 header modifications; 348/F355 fuse box modifications… and the list goes on.

We are now manufacturing and market testing a fuel tank protector strap kit; an airbox insulation kit; 308/328 coolant drain kits; the best 7mm spark plug wire made. SR Innovations also has a number of additional products that we are getting ready to announce in the near future.

SR Innovations went to great-lengths to have our products made entirely in the USA. In some cases, there are suppliers that have such a long history of excellence, that we find that no better products can be had or made. Bosch is one such example.

Where components need to be assembled and tests done, the buck stops right here. It’s all performed in-house by the staff and crew of Scuderia Rampante and SR Innovations. We do this in order to assure that everything meets our extremely strict criteria for workmanship and quality.

Of Course- We would further refer you to interacting in our “Forum” or referencing us on other forms of social media. You can also access us direct, for other owner contact information.

Each car is individually evaluated upon arrival at our facility and specific recommendations and or concerns are then communicated to the client. Known issues are then assigned a priority -Safety (1), Reliability (2), Performance (3) and their attendant parts availability and costs are addressed, in order to further determine and approximate an expected delivery date.

Yes-Because a significant amount of our clients come from other locales, we have a significant number of trusted & bonded carriers that we work with (on a weekly) basis in order to make your service appointment seamless.

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