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In today’s world of ‘built-in obsolescence’ and ‘consumer acceptable’ we decided it was time to get back to the thinking of generations before us.

Since no sound solutions existed in the market place, we decided to create our own. We innovate the best possible products with an intended life span far greater than what the public has been led to expect from ordinary manufacturers, with results far exceeding standard specifications. Select World Class experts in each field execute our superior design, resulting in Innovations with superior results.

At SR Innovations we are constantly adding items to the list of Innovations we are producing. Check back often to view updates as this site is a work in progress. When we locate an Innovative product designed and manufactured by others that meets our strict quality standards, we would be delighted to discuss representing it on our site. We select World Class experts in each field to execute our superior design, resulting in Innovations with superior results.

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We are currently building out our online eCommerce system to purchase SRI Products.
Feel free to contact us or call us at: 303.938.9000 to purchase parts for your Ferrari and check back soon for our new online shop.

Your kit transformed my ownership experience from one of frustration to pure enjoyment.

Bobby Mc.,Gold Connector Innovations

The hoses and clamps for the fuel tank filler port and cross feed manifold that you provided me..... completing the job would have been impossible due to the very close spacing between the components. The silicone rubber hose which you designed has the flexibility that allowed me to install them in very tight spaces.

Christine K.,Fuel Hose Innovations

Finished the job in 2 hours but I'm sure it could be done in 30 minutes. The first time I ever soldered electrical connections. Car fired up. No problems. It was great instruction and great pictures and if you didn't change a thing it would work every time.

Chuck H, Fuse Box Innovations