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SRI oil hoses are a direct replacement higher-spec hose for almost all Ferrari model’s oil hoses.   The factory’s OEM oil hoses while steel braided on the outside are the same deteriorating rubber as their fuel lines on the inside.   The current technology engine management systems default to an over rich condition when connections to the sensors fail, this contributing further to the problem with oil contamination by unburned fuel finding its way into the engine oil, and no different than the problems with fuel hoses, these too are failing because of it. 

Whether you want to replace your leaking and failing OEM hose with higher quality and more durable piece or because the factory no longer offers the hose you need SRI hoses are the answer.

  • Constructed from lightweight steel braided PTFE (Teflon) hose and new collars and fittings (when applicable) our hoses are unequalled in performance and are compatible with all modern petroleum based products.  These components are the same that are used by the aircraft industry and many in the highest levels of Professional Motorsports Racing.
  • All of SRI’s hoses undergo a rigorous pressure test and confirmed to be free from leaks prior to shipping.
  • We often request that you send your old hose to us so that we can confirm length, patterning, and correct clocking of fittings.  In many applications, the end fittings are replaced by extreme quality, proprietary custom fittings made specially for Scuderia Rampante Innovations by Aircraft Industry manufacturers. In some applications that utilize highly specialized (ferrari only) end fittings our in house fabrication department will reuse and weld those fittings onto all new collars for reuse.  In these cases, the hose undergoes the same high-pressure test and held to the same rigorous standards.

We have currently built, tested, and have hoses in service for the following models:

-365 GTB/4 Daytona
– Various Lamborghini and Maserati models

*Note: Hoses for other models are currently under development, please contact us for your specific application.


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