SRI Fuse Box Upgrades



SRI Fuse Box Upgrades

Certain Fuse Box Upgrade kits have had “The Source®” added into them.

What is “The Source®“? This 96 gram brass billet block unit is an element of our Fuse Box revisions, and allows for both stabilization of current flow and heat-sink function.


Ferrari 328 series: $1,456.55

Ferrari Mondial series: $1,540.05

With”The Source®“: $1,899.95

Ferrari Mondial T series:

With”The Source®“: $1,999.95

Ferrari 456 series: $1,945.00

Ferrari 550 series: $1,945.00

Ferrari Testarossa: $1,663.27

Ferrari 512 TR: $2,068.56

With”The Source®“: $2,453.76

Ferrari F40: $1,945.35