Fuel Hoses

Like all of SRI’s products our fuel hose was born from a clear need for a better answer to an ever present problem.  We’ve all seen the pictures circulate the net of various Ferraris sitting on the side of the road whether it’s in Monaco or Mulholland Dr engulfed in flames from a failed fuel hose.  No one wants to watch one of their prized possessions end in this way not to mention the personal safety hazard it presents.

The Problem:

Rubber has been the standard material for fuel hose throughout the auto industry for the majority of its existence and just like the rubber of those low mileage but 20 year old tires it suffers from dry rotting. Making things even worse for your fuel hoses is the effect of the fuel itself which accelerates these effects from the inside out. Today’s ethanol fuels degrade the inner liner of conventional rubber fuel hose and in doing so wick the esters out of rubber components that are designed to keep the rubber hose pliable thus turning the rubber hoses rock hard and changing the dimensions of the hose where the required clamping forces no longer exist.

The Solution:

To identify a modern material that could stand up to the effects of both time and the added harsh nature of being in constant contact with fuels, especially modern ones. Once Dave had identified the material requirements he then had to find someone with the ability and willingness to manufacture to Dave’s exceedingly high standards in order to bring the best fuel hoses that have ever been offered to the public to market. Thanks to Dave’s persistence to produce nothing but the best he formed a relationship working with an engineering team of a major commercial and military supplier to produce the hose to his specification. Flame resistant due to a patented proprietary design Aramis fiber exterior (same technology as a nomex racing suit and firefighting gear)

The Result:

From the initial engineering which began in 2005 to now 15 years later and counting SRI fuel hose has been installed on hundreds of cars without a single failure to date. We don’t know of any other fuel hose in the world that can make a similar claim.

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SRi hose is produced in 7 different diameters from small 6mm hose all the way to 55mm fuel filler neck hose required for certain models. With model specific kits available for early 308 and Mondial through 512TR and F-40 SRI can help protect you and your investment like no other.

Please contact us for pricing and information concerning your specific model and needs.

Model Specific Fuel Hoses Kits

308-328 series
308 Carb (1976-77)
308 Carb (1978- & Up)
308 GT4
308 2vi
308 QV

Mondial Series
Mondial T Coupe
Mondial 8
Mondial QV Coupe (up to 4/30/1983)
Mondial QV Coupe (from 4/30/1983)
Mondial QV Cabriolet
Mondial 3.2 Coupe
Mondial 3.2 Cabriolet

512 TR
512 BB

Call for Prices

303 938 9000