forum-header-shot-dave-engineWell if you are visiting this website, you probably are aware of the work effort and time that I have allocated to helping all of the Ferrari enthusiasts with furthering their “passion”. These cars have become increasing complex in nature and design, as such there is much room for innovative thinking that can be undertaken to both improve performance, but more importantly assure safe and reliable operations of both the older vintage and more modern cars.The advent of the more modern media outlets certainly has prompted the need for a level of constant communication with Ferrarisita and through the Forum that you are visiting you will be assured of quality content. The content is backed up by factual knowledge gained not only by my years of experience working on these Cavalinos, but in real-world scenarios of actual usage.

Our forum is the medium by which one can communicate their Ferrari user  experiences and ask questions as they relate to technical questions. The answers and or observations related will be factual, based upon our many years  of experience and observations.