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For sale is a beautiful, fully documented , serviced, driven, and cared for 1989 Mondial-t coupe with red exterior over tan interior (one of only 42 imported into the US for only one year, 1989) with 92,000 total miles. Included in the sale is the car, the original exhaust, the ·original 5 wheels and tires (buyer pays for shipping if they cannot be picked up), books, tool kit, any extra parts, and all documentation, invoices, etc. from day one in 1989.

The car spent its first 16 years in or around San Diego, California (a dry climate) with 2 owners and has spent its last 10 years in Denver, Colorado (a drier climate), which translates into NO rust anywhere. It has been cared for meticulously by all. It has been driven regularly, even in the winter, but NEVER in snow or on salty roads–and only a very few times in the rain. It has been driven spiritedly but has never been raced, tracked, or abused.


(Previous history (first 2 owners))

It has been serviced by high-end independent shops and dealers throughout its life. The car’s most recent owner purchased it with about 60,000 miles on the odometer, and all service records up to that point were included in the sale. Many things were done by the previous owner(s) to keep it looking and driving very well, like keeping up with service intervals, replacing worn pieces where necessary, and having it professionally detailed regularly. One previous owner was involved in a single mishap that resulted in the transmission being overhauled completely by factory Ferrari technicians in Maranello, Italy. Due to poorly marked “road under construction” signs in the San Diego area at night he grazed a slightly raised manhole cover, which caused the transmission to shift poorly from 4th to 5th gear. After many weeks of negotiations with the service shop (they said they could fix it), the city of San Diego, and his insurance company it was decided that the transmission would be shipped back to the factory and overhauled by Ferrari, that was about at 59,000 miles. At that time he also decided to completely re-do the interior to make it look new. Consequently, he completely replaced the carpet with new factory carpet from their German supplier; he replaced the entire leather interior with new Ferrari Connolly leather and replaced the headliner with beautiful suede leather. So the entire interior of the car has only 30,000 miles on it and it looks like it just came from the factory—absolutely the best you will see in a Mondial. He also installed a $3,000 stereo with CD changer, a remote alarm system, and an integrated hand held cell phone system that would mute the radio when you received a call. It all works well, except the remote alarm. (one of the door solenoids malfunctioned and has not been replaced.)

 (Present history)

Since the car was purchased most recently from Ferrari of Denver (FOD) in 2005, the service history is as follows:

-When purchased, Symbolic Motors of San Diego had performed a major at about 60,000 miles. FOD found a seal leak and did another major service. Also, the clutch was replaced, as were both catalytic converters (new Hyper Flow cats were purchased), both catalytic ECU’s were replaced, and 2 new front adjustable Bilstein shocks were installed.

Electrical problems surfaced (check engine lights, slow down lights, poor engine idle, etc.) and became a constant problem.

-All electrical connections were checked and replaced as necessary

-Rebuilt alternator and starter with upgraded high end parts

-The fuse box kit (made in house by Mr. Helms) was installed and fixed all problems related to the fuse box). This is a one-time fix

-Rebuilt both fuel pumps

-The Gold Connector kit (made by Mr. Helms in house) was installed and fixed every single remaining electrical problem that had been experienced from the beginning. Perfect idle, perfect starts, much improved throttle response, and seamless power to redline

-All fluid changes were always done when needed by Scuderia Rampante

-At 81,000 miles a total repaint was done (car was nearly completely taken apart and any imperfections were fixed before the re-spray)

-At 82,000 miles Scuderia Rampante performed a major service. All belts, bearings, hoses and more were replaced. We learned that the major services performed by FOD and Symbolic were done very poorly. Scuderia Rampante parts were used wherever they could be because they proved to be vastly superior to Ferrari parts

-Learned through leak down and compression tests that exhaust valves were leaking badly due to the car running very rich for years before everything was finally fixed. Bottom end not affected, leak down test showed 2% leak down for all 8 cylinders.

-Complete valve job was performed and everything brought back to new condition including completely refurbished fuel injectors and more

-Cam timing was done properly; it was way out of spec. Torque improved vastly as did overall engine power

-New motor mounts were installed using new mounts from a Ferrari 360 and using billet aluminum as mounting plates (all made in house by Scuderia Rampante)

-Transmission was disassembled to get to the rear bearing (a new upgraded bearing was installed). This bearing was supposed to have been replaced per a Ferrari work order but it almost never was. This bearing has been the cause of many Mondial-T’s and 348’s to experience catastrophic failure

-Due to very stiff shifting the shaft was removed and it was found that the transmission bearing was 0.02″ smaller in diameter than the shaft. This was machined to the correct specs and now the shifts as it should

-The shifting mechanism was completely disassembled and Scuderia Rampante machined new parts

-All air conditioning parts were either fixed or replaced with new parts. The AC now works great.

-Both rear shocks were refurbished to new condition and new parts were installed on the shock control mounts. The 3 way shock settings now work perfectly

-New battery installed.

-All fluids changed

-New electrical heat sink installed at fuse box, much improved current flow over OEM part, new improved roll over valve installed (both made in house by Scuderia Rampante)

The most recent owner is sure there is some type of improvement that he had unknowingly left out, but rest assured that there is a strong sense of confidence in stating that there is not a better sorted, and completely fixed Mondial of any iteration in the country. Do not let the total miles fool you; this car has basically been reborn about 10,000 miles ago.


Please note: the car is sold with the original Mondial rims, and not the 348 style shown in the photos. 

Contact with the former owner is permitted, feel free to touch base with Raging Stables Motors in order to coordinate this.