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The best and only one-stop-shop for all Ferrari innovations – from vintage to modern.


"To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity." ~ Douglas Adams


"Marketing is too important to leave to the Marketing Department"
~ David Packard

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"Professionalism is not sportsmanship. If you don't succeed, you won't be in your profession for long. In our society, it's not about good or bad. It's about who's on top." ~ Chili Davis


"No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking" ~ A. Einstein


"Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes... but no plans." - Peter Drucker


"The only source of Knowledge is Experience" ~ B. Franklin

Proven Design

"Common sense is not so common" ~ Voltaire

Results Oriented

"In physical science, the first essential step in the direction of learning any subject is to find principles of numerical reckoning and practicable methods for measuring some quality connected with it."  ~ Lord Kelvin


Unparalleled Service

With over 70 years of advanced automotive service and knowledge, amassed among three (3) professionals, in-depth product knowledge along with implementation skill, is what sets us apart.

Commonly referred to in the industry as “the Last Stop”, when all other options prove fruitless, the Pro’s at Scuderia Rampante  Have, or will find the solutions to all your Ferrari’s needs.  With personal training from the industries all-time greats as it applies to the Vintage models, to full Factory-training covering all of the contemporary models, we have all the requisite bases covered.

Our Scuderia Rampante Service facility is like none other.  In addition to having all of the Factory Diagnostic Equipment and Tools for both early and late models, our on-site fully equipped Machine Shop affords us the ability to fabricate what others cannot provide.

Well known in the Ferrari circles as leaders in Integrity and Honesty, we stake our name and reputation on every car that leaves our doors.  We take great pride in being able to recognize all of our clients, as a part of the Scuderia Rampante “Family”.

We don’t follow the vehicle service industry “patterns”- We blaze new trails that are designed to deal with all of the real world requirements of these precious cars as they mature and evolve.  Results are what matters, quality and reliability is “No Accident!”

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