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"Marketing is too important to leave to the Marketing Department"
~ David Packard

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43 years of performance

Scuderia Rampante Inc. is an Independent Ferrari Sales, Service and Restoration facility based in Erie, Colorado. This is a family owned business that has its only focus on providing the finest service available on all Ferrari’s from Vintage to Current production. Dave Helms has been in the Automotive field for over 43 years and specialized in the repair and restoration of Ferrari’s for better than 40 years.

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“Innovation is creativity with a job to do.” ~ John Emmerling

Stated better than I could ever do on my own, John brilliantly put to words what Scuderia Rampante Innovations is all about, “A job to do”……. where a need exists!

SRI started with a simple “need”, lacking a solution, one created by Ferrari themselves.  “The oil level must be checked at Full engine operating temperature”.  The Brilliant Ferrari marketing department saw the ultimate opportunity laid out at their feet….. build that dipstick cap out of aluminum, so to transmit the full oil temperature ranging well in excess of 200°F, directly into the oil cap so to permanently ‘brand the Ferrari logo on to the hand of the one checking it’!

As a result of a SRI team members intuitive thinking …. a solution was designed and built…. and so started Scuderia Rampante Innovations with their SRI-Oil Cap Insulator, offered in either Dick Rutan’s famous “Voyager S-Glass” or “Carbon Fiber”.
A “Need” that required a Solution….

From an insulating oil cap to the quest of building the best coolant and fuel hoses that had ever been made and offered to the public.  The “Hose quest” was then solved due to a blossoming relationship with a major commercial and military hose manufacturer. After that conquest, the search was on for the next problem in need of a solution…. the Gold Connector Kits, the Fuse box modifications, plated cam gears, etc…

Scuderia Rampante Innovations intent is never to compete with any product in this market being done “Well”.  Where quality exists in such a small market, there is no need to compete.  Where it doesn’t exist, where we are unable to purchase the high quality level of products our Scuderia Rampante Service Team absolutely insists on….. there you will find Scuderia Rampante Innovations.  Blazing new trails most never even considered the need to, “Quality is no accident”!

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"Their expertise, commitment to quality, and “Passion” they exhibit for these cars cannot be topped and seldom, if ever, matched."

− Steve Sutley – Mondial t coupe


“Observation is a passive science, Experimentation an active science! ” – Claude Bernard